We Export Quality

BF Comercio Exportaciones Ltda. , is a chilean company focused on food export.

Our main advantage is proximity to growers and processors, which guarantees appropriate solutions of quality and good service.

Our experience of more than 25 years in the food market makes us know and understand the needs of each of the parties involved in the process; growers, processors and customers.

The products exported by BFE go to two areas: Industrial and Final Product for Distribution.

Industrial Products exportes by BFE are used as raw material in the main dairy products companies, pastry industry, jam industry, and freeze dry industry.

Raw Material of our growers comes from the best production areas, and the highest standards have been applied to keep the food chain security.

For BFE service on shipment is of vital priority to keep temperature chain and quality on customers products. Hence, we work with the main agents in the market.

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Vitacura. Santiago РChile.
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